Obama calls for more natural gas vehicle options

February 24, 2012 12:00 AM

President Obama recently spoke at the University of Miami in Florida about the benefits of natural gas as an alternative fuel. He also announced the government will be granting $30 million to fund a Department of Energy program to further the development of natural gas-powered vehicles. The Detroit News reports that the Honda Civic Natural Gas is currently the only vehicle available in America, but the President claims more options are needed. He also surmised that the cost of gasoline will likely continue to increase.

"We're launching a program that will bring together the nation's best scientists, engineers and entrepreneurs to figure out how more cars can be powered by natural gas - a fuel that's cleaner, cheaper and more abundant than oil," President Obama said.

The efficiency of gas-powered cars can be improved so drivers are using less fuel, which benefits the environment can help vehicle owners save money at the pump. Getting regular auto maintenance, addressing any car repairs and having a tire rotation done to keep tires from wearing unevenly can all help improve the fuel economy of cars running on gasoline.

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