No Kia Sedona in 2013

May 8, 2012 12:00 AM

Americans have moved away from minivans in recent years in favor SUVs and more fuel-efficient crossovers. In turn, many automakers have stopped manufacturing minivans and focused on other vehicles. South Korean automaker Kia recently announced it will be the latest to pull out of the minivan game by discontinuing the Kia Sedona in 2013.

The Car Connection reports Kia intends to eventually come back with a redesigned Sedona. The automaker will likely take the year to redesign the vehicle and come back with an improved version for 2014.

"We see the minivan market as one that we want to stay in," Kia spokesman James Hope told the news source.

The Sedona is the oldest minivan on the market that hasn't had a full redesign in recent years, only getting updated headlights in 2011. It also stands out from the other Kia vehicles that have been improved in recent years, with many of the hallmarks of the "cheap" cars the company was known for years ago.

Drivers who have an old minivan must invest in regular vehicle maintenance to keep it in tip-top shape. Procedures like brake service can ensure there are no problems with the minivan, which is especially important when transporting children.

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