Nissan to use Leaf technology in new Infiniti

March 23, 2012 12:00 AM

Rumors of a luxury version of Nissan's Leaf have swirled about for a while now, and the automaker recently confirmed that it will in fact be debuting such a car at the New York Auto Show next month.

Nissan has shown off electric concepts for the Infiniti brand in the past, such as the Energ-E model that was shown at the recent Geneva Auto Show. However, that car was never intended for production. The car that will be shown next month, while still a concept, is expected to be pretty close to the model that the company will eventually produce, reports

The new model is said to use the Leaf's electric technology while offering a more high-end exterior styling. The vehicle will also be more powerful than the Leaf, in line with the expectations of a high-end luxury model.

"It was designed to be a luxury vehicle first and an electric vehicle second," Infiniti marketing manager Sam Chung told the news source.

Although electric cars may not require gas, they still need to be closely maintained just like a normal vehicle. Drivers should pay close attention to their auto maintenance when it comes to electric vehicles, especially since the car repairs for these models being more costly due to the parts not being widely available.

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