Nissan teams up with Ryan Reynolds for Facebook campaign

June 14, 2011 12:00 AM

Nissan has announced that is partnering with Hollywood actor Ryan Reynolds for a new initiative surrounding their all-electric Leaf, titled "Innovation for Endurance."

The campaign is mainly tied to its Facebook page, and is based around the concept of innovative fitness methods. The page updates daily with news and tips for cyclists, joggers, yoga practitioners and more. The campaign already has the endorsement of other big names, like Ryan Hall, a U.S. Olympian and marathon runner.

The exact details of Reynolds' involvement have not been revealed, with the automaker simply saying he is "the face" of the campaign. Presumably, he will star in a few of the videos that the automaker has been adding to the Facebook page. The actor is a Leaf owner himself and believes in the potential of electric vehicles.

"I believe it's possible to take great leaps forward without sacrificing a way of life," said Reynolds. "For me electric vehicles, like the Nissan Leaf, are not only representative of taking back the power, but also a significant statement about conscious ways of living."

Reynolds can next be seen onscreen in the highly anticipated movie Green Lantern, opening June 17th.

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