Nissan pokes fun at Volt in new Leaf ad

May 27, 2011 12:00 AM

Many in the media have mentioned the Chevrolet Volt and Nissan Leaf in the same breath, as the two models are the first mass-produced electric vehicles on the market. However, Nissan is set to debut a new commercial that attempts to show just how different the two cars really are.

The ad, entitled "Gas-Powered Everything," is set to air during the NBA Finals on June 12th. The commercial is set in an alternate reality where all electric devices are instead powered by gas. Images of a man starting his coffee maker like a lawnmower and iPods spewing smoke into the atmosphere are likely to grab some attention when the commercial eventually airs.

These somewhat comical images are shown until about 45 seconds into the minute-long ad, when the action changes to a gas station. A man is filling up his car as he looks jealously at a Leaf driver across the street. So what's the car he's filling up? You guessed it, a Chevrolet Volt.

While the two vehicles are often grouped together, this is the key difference. The Volt has a better range than the leaf, but also contains a gas generator to assist the electric motor. That means drivers occasionally have to stop off at the pump - a fact Nissan obviously wants to highlight.

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