Nissan Leaf aims to make charging electric vehicles easier

January 15, 2013 12:00 AM

Nissan is set to formally introduce its 2013 Leaf at the Detroit Auto Show, but some drivers in the San Francisco Bay Area will have their eyes peeled for a different announcement regarding the electric car.

According to AutoBlog, Nissan is planning to deploy more quick-charging stations that can be used by its electric vehicles, like the Leaf, in the San Francisco area. Many will be at Nissan dealerships throughout the region and boast the ability to add 60 miles of range to the car with less than half an hour of charging.

The automaker also offered the Bay Area Nissan Leaf Owner's Association a sneak peek at the 2013 model. Feedback from drivers was used to make changes and perform car repair to upgrade the vehicle, ranging from faster charging capabilities to lower starting prices.

"I can point to a half-dozen things on this 2013 car that directly resulted from meetings this group had with Nissan," Gary Lieber, co-founder of the association, told The New York Times. "They really listened to us."

The changes, combined with the addition of new charging stations, should help sales of the Leaf continue to grow.

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