Nissan developing innovative self-cleaning car

April 25, 2014 12:00 AM

The car company Nissan has recently designed a car that has an innovative feature - a self-cleaning device. Given the various other tasks drivers have on their plate, such as monitoring brake service or tracking fuel economy, the features may be just the ticket to get a car consumer to purchase the Nissan. After all, who doesn't want a car that will look spic and span without much effort? 

According to Digital Trends, Nissan is seeking to use hydrophobic paint to give the car its special cleaning ability. This paint repels mud, dirt and various other natural elements that corrode a car and require numerous trips to the car wash each year.

However, if Nissan is able to pull of this crafty technology, the only thing you have to do to your car, cleaning wise, is to vacuum the inside. While a futuristic world may have a self-vacuuming feature for your automobile, you will still have to put some effort into tune up, even if Nissan's technology succeeds spectacularly. 

The New York Daily News also reported that the car's hydrophobic paint provides resistance to oil, sure to be appealing to drivers irritated at the way a vehicle can wither when oil is accidentally spilled on it. Hopefully Nissan pulls off this feat, bringing clean exteriors all over the world. 

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