Nick Cannon shows off his wheels

January 5, 2011 12:00 AM

Nick Cannon, husband of the singing sensation Mariah Carey, was spotted getting new wheels on his Red Ferrari F430 this week, reports Celebrity Carz.

The Agetro C-S250 wheels are perfect for the vehicle, according to the critics, thanks to its chrome lip and black arrows that point in from the rim to the middle.

The cap, of course, has the signature Agetro star symbol in the middle and comes with a "brushed face," or sanded metal to get a special lined texture.

Cannon was snapped in the car smiling in his red Ferrari as he left the auto body shop where he got the wheels put on.

Celebrity Carz commended him for his choice in vehicle says "it is a great decision to pick red as the color for his Ferrari, any other color just doesn't look as good on a Ferrari."

In addition, the website said it was cool of Cannon to use chrome and black colors on the rim, when most Ferrari owners stick to just plain black. "The chrome lip really works reflecting the red calipers of the car."

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