New study finds the worst traffic congestion in the US

February 6, 2013 12:00 AM

Several cities across the U.S. were recently granted an honor that not many would want. The Texas A&M Transportation Institute selected the worst urban areas for traffic congestion in the country, while also measuring just how much time and money is being wasted in these gridlocks. 

According to The Associated Press, the average American loses about $818 each year from wasted fuel in traffic, which also means there is more carbon dioxide being expelled into the atmosphere. In total, the cost of traffic congestion in the U.S. is up to $121 billion per year and 2.9 billion gallons of wasted gasoline, with commercial truck drivers alone accounting for $27 billion of those funds. 

The worst commute in the nation fittingly belongs to the capital, Washington, D.C. According to the report, commuters may need to set aside up to three hours for a trip that should only take 30 minutes. Oakland and San Francisco were in second place, while New York City took the third spot for most congested traffic, Mercury News reports. 

No matter where drivers find themselves stuck in traffic, keeping up with standard vehicle maintenance and getting regular tune ups can help fuel efficiency stay at a maximum level. 


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