New song about Mercedes-Benz to d?but soon

April 15, 2011 12:00 AM

The 1971 lyrics "Oh lord, won't you buy me..." by Janis Joplin has resulted in a collaboration between singer Estelle, producer David Banner and soul artist Daley.

Entitled "Benz," the song celebrates the automaker Mercedes-Benz and was organized by a UK-based international style magazine called BLAG. By using the southern Banner and British-born Estelle and Daley, the magazine was able to create a unique sound.

"We were honored that these creative artists chose to record a song about the Mercedes-Benz brand and after hearing about their project it was an easy decision to work with BLAG magazine to lend our support," said Christoph Horn, the director of global communications for the vehicle maker.

By focusing on Banner's Mississippi upbringing, the new version has a more "harmonious and upbeat flow" than the original sung by Joplin. It was recorded at Record Plant in Los Angeles.

The song's release coincides with the 125th anniversary of the Mercedes-Benz and represents the "ambition and triumph" theme often embodied by the car maker through its advertisements. It will be available for download April 18th on iTunes. 

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