New Range Rover promises less is more

January 31, 2011 12:00 AM

Range Rovers are known for making a statement: "I'm loud and I'm here," but that may no longer be the case with Land Rover's new 2012 Evoque, reports Motor Trend.

The Evoque, the smallest model ever produced by the automaker, will be released sometime in mid-2011. In addition to being the tiniest, it's also the least heavy and has the best fuel efficiency rating of any Ranger produced.

With two doors, and an inspired interior, the concept presented during the 2008 Detroit auto show isn't just a fantasy anymore.

Planned for a debut in Europe, a front-drive model will be the first available - the first two-wheel-drive Land Rover in the history of the company. This version, according to the news source, will come equipped with a stop-start feature, and have a similar gas mileage to the base Mini Cooper.

"Roughly two years after the initial launch, a hybrid version will reportedly be added to the mix, using electric drive to the rear wheels," says the auto mag. "Land Rover says it can optimize this system for off-road use, because electric drive allows engineers to better calibrate torque delivery and traction control."

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