New messaging system could connect all drivers

January 25, 2013 12:00 AM

Communicating with other drivers doesn't have to be limited to hand gestures and screams, no matter how friendly or angry the exchange is. A new movement based out of San Francisco may soon allow drivers to send texts to others on the road through license plate numbers, allowing people to bring issues to the attention of other motorists. 

The program, called CurbTXT, would require that participants register their vehicle's plate number online before placing a small sticker on the exterior of their car that identifies them as a member. Whoever is sending the message doesn't have to be registered with CurbTXT - as long as the recipient is, the message will go through. 

According to Opportunity Notes, the program would anonymously forward messages from one driver to another based on the license plate number identified. Individuals could share messages such as "The meter has expired," "You're blocking my driveway" or even vehicle maintenance updates like "Your tires are flat."

While it's unclear how well this messaging system would work, company founders are pushing to register a large amount of vehicles in the San Francisco area. If all goes well, it could soon expand to other cities. 

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