New cars aren't made for short drivers

August 9, 2013 12:00 AM

Cars are generally manufactured to provide comfort and security for all kinds of drivers, but some individuals have an easier time getting comfortable in a vehicle than others. In fact, a recent study from found that many new car designs are not well suited for shorter drivers

The main reason for this lies with the beltline, which is the area where the window glass meets the metal that makes up the car frame. This section has slowly but surely crept higher - making it harder to see if you are not naturally tall. 

"This can give the vehicle a more assertive look, but it does little to improve sight lines, and can even make a vehicle feel claustrophobic for smaller drivers," said Warren Clarke, the editor for "As a result, short car shoppers making such a big purchase might have trouble getting comfortable with a lot of the new car choices available on the market."  

Since there is no auto repair that can fix the natural frame of the vehicle, these short drivers are left struggling to fit into some cars. Certain amenities, such as adjustable seats and tilted steering wheels, can go a long way toward making a vehicle more comfortable for drivers of any height. 

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