Nevada gives Audi the OK to move forward on autonomous vehicles

January 10, 2013 12:00 AM

Nevada has issued a permit to Audi so the manufacturer can begin testing autonomous vehicles, making the carmaker the third company allowed to try out the technology in the state. Google received the go ahead to test its vehicles on public roads just eight months ago, while the automotive supplier Continental got a permit last month.

This isn't Audi's first foray into the world of autonomous technology. In 2010, the automaker created a vehicle that completed a 12.4-mile climb up Pikes Peak without a driver and has been working on making a car that can handle public roads ever since, AutoBlog reports. However, most of the autonomous capabilities in the Audi fleet center on the convenience of having the car control standard stop-and-go driving, while still giving motorists the option of taking over in a given situation.

According to Fox News, the one exception to this could be piloted parking, as future Audi models would be able to park themselves safely in tight spaces, increasing the number of spots available in crowded areas. While the technology and brake service needed to contribute to these tools is in current models, drivers could see them as soon as 2014. 

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