Mystery Mile is perfect for a spooky Halloween ride

October 21, 2011 03:40 PM

Going to a haunted house around Halloween is one good way to get a scare, but even better can be driving down a spooky road to get there. All across America, there are tales of haunted roads and paranormal activities that will be sure to give any driver a fright on All Hallow's Eve. No matter which road you decide to check out, you should check brakes and maybe get an oil change, unless you'd prefer to risk breaking down in the middle of a supernatural hotspot.

Kelley Road in Ohioville, Pennsylvania, is better known to locals as Mystery Mile, according to Strange USA. Reports of animals acting strangely and turning violent are common, and some suggest that the land on which the road was built was cursed by Native American tribes before they were kicked off their land so many centuries ago. This road is best traveled at night, when haunting sounds and apparitions are said to appear.

One former Kelly Road resident, whose house lay just outside the border of the haunted stretch, said they saw a boy standing on the road, dressed in extremely old-fashioned clothes, glaring up into the bedroom window.

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