Mysterious electric vehicle company could buy Saab

May 31, 2012 12:00 AM

With the company on the verge of complete collapse, it appears a mystery investor may save Swedish automaker Saab at the last minute, according to Autocar.

After talks with the Chinese manufacturer Youngman reportedly broke down, Dutch parent company Spyker was essentially ready to shut down Saab for good. However, it appears a mysterious conglomerate may buy out Saab's remaining assets, the news source reports.

The company, called National Electric Vehicle Sweden, was registered in Sweden last week and appears to be a front for a conglomerate of investors. The public is in the dark about who is financing the buyout.

'We have a very anonymous investment company that owns shares in this registered company, Sun Investment, but we still don’t know who’s behind it," Valdemar Lonnroth, a journalist in Saab's hometown, told the news source. "We don’t know if it’s a Chinese or a Japanese company behind this conglomerate. Nobody has really a picture of what kind of resources they have or what their intentions are, besides the fact that they want to produce electric vehicles."

Current owners of Saabs likely have the last versions of these vehicles to appear for quite some time. Saab owners should be sure to keep their cars in top condition by keeping up with scheduled maintenance.

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