Motor Trend chooses Ford F-150 as Truck of the Year

December 13, 2011 12:00 AM

The Ford F-150 is the best-selling vehicle in the country and has been for many years, so giving the truck an award is a bit redundant. However, Motor Trend has decided that the F-150 is their Truck of the Year, beating the likes of Toyota's Tacoma and the Ram 1500.

Although the car is not new for this year, the auto magazine praised the truck's new powertrain options, especially the turbocharged six-cylinder engine, which has become more popular than the V8 in many cases.

"The bottom line is that the F-150 simply excels at being a truck. It mastered every task we subjected it to, acing our instrumented tests at the proving grounds and swaying opinions during our real-world road evaluations," Motor Trend editor-in-chief Edward Loh said in a statement. "In fact, our judges actually preferred the ride and performance of the F-150 when it was loaded with thousands of pounds of payload or saddled with a heavy trailer. It seemed the more we pushed the F-150, the better it performed."

Trucks can be a dependable choice for both normal drivers and those who need the vehicle for jobs, like construction. However, a truck is only as reliable as its engine, and that requires proper care and maintenance to be taken care of properly. Be sure to take the truck in for regular oil changes and tune-ups to ensure it will last you for years.

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