Most Americans want to see a new car as their Christmas present

December 5, 2012 12:00 AM

Still trying to hunt down the perfect Christmas gift? According to a new poll from a group of automakers in Auto Alliance, nearly two-thirds of Americans hope to find a new car sitting underneath their Christmas tree this year - or at the very least, sitting with a bow in their driveway.

The survey shows that, while only 17 percent of people have ever bought a car for someone else, about 65 percent of people would like to receive one as a gift this year. Of those people who wanted a new car, 25 percent said they would frequently mention how old their car is or how much auto repair they need as a hint, while an additional 17 percent would drop hints during television commercials and 7 percent would leave car ads lying around.

"So we see pent up demand for new vehicles, and when this is coupled with low credit rates, auto sales have been more robust than the general economic recovery," said Mitch Bainwol, the president and chief executive officer of Auto Alliance. "Our consumer polling shows that many Americans have their noses pressed against the front windows of car dealerships, hoping someone thinks they have been good this year."

While some consumers are wary of the volatile economy, the auto industry has been remaining strong for the past several months. The low prices could mean there will be many happy holiday revelers come Christmas morning. 

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