Most Americans have not tested diesel cars

November 12, 2013 12:00 AM

As more drivers put an emphasis on fuel efficiency and finding value with their cars, they begin to look at alternative vehicles. While hybrids and electric cars are at the forefront of this movement, automobiles with diesel engines are also options that should not be ignored. 

A recent study from Honeywell Turbo Technologies found that 70 percent of Americans have never driven a diesel-powered vehicle. Additionally, more than half of people recognize that diesel engines offer a number of advantages, including more power than traditional gasoline engines and better fuel efficiency, despite not getting behind the wheel of one of these automobiles. 

"Turbocharged diesel engines have an opportunity to make an impact with today's younger car buyers who understand and even prioritize the fuel economy advantages of the technology, but have not yet been able to drive one," said Terrence Hahn, president and CEO of Honeywell. 

With so many motorists eager to find value in their cars, diesel engines could soon see a surge in popularity. As more individuals are informed of the benefits of these alternative automobiles, including the decreased amount of scheduled maintenance they may need, the cars could certainly become more attractive to buyers. 

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