Mitsubishi unveils Hello Kitty-inspired Mirage

October 30, 2013 12:00 AM

Hello Kitty is a world-famous brand, but it has the biggest hold in Japan. So it makes sense that a few other Japanese companies, including some automakers, are ready to incorporate the iconic character into their designs. That's the case with Mitsubishi, which recently revealed a special Hello Kitty edition of its Mirage. 

With a pink exterior, the Mirage Hello Kitty will certainly catch its fair share of attention on the roads. Those who look long enough will also see touches like Hello Kitty decals, ribbon shapes on the hubcaps and customized upholstery, Auto Evolution reported. Despite the modifications that had to be made to this vehicle, it still boasts many of the same features that the standard Mirage has, and as such will not need any special auto repair or vehicle maintenance

This isn't the first time there's been an automobile drawing inspiration from Hello Kitty. Mitsubishi created a "Princess Kitty" vehicle in 2006, which boasted large decals covering the entire exterior of the car and a few other bold choices, AutoBlog reported. 

The cars will launch Nov. 1, which is the 40th anniversary of the character. Only 400 of these models will be available to the public in Japan. 

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