Mercedes to adopt Google Glass into navigation system

October 28, 2013 12:00 AM

Mercedes-Benz will integrate a navigation system which uses the brand new Google Glass, a pair of glasses that are voice activated with a visual interface in one of the lenses, reported Automotive News. Mercedes will offer the Google Glass function once the once Google makes its product commercially available. 

"This is an example of a seamless transition as you stay connected when you get to your car, when you drive, and when you leave your car," head of Mercedes' North American research and development Johann Jungwirth told Automotive News Europe. 

Functions of the Google Glass application include the ability for the glasses to guide a driver to his or her car, then transfer a destination address into the car's navigation system. Once the driver steps out of the car Google Glass will take over again, leading the driver to the final destination. 

There's no word on whether already-sold Mercedes vehicles will need any sort of tune up to be able to integrate the Google Glass system once the product becomes available to the public. But, according to Jungwirth, Google Glass doesn't warrant an alternative to cell phone usage while driving anyway. "We obviously don't want people using Google Glass when they drive," he said. 

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