Mercedes-Benz wins luxury award

April 6, 2015 04:18 PM

People who want to get behind the wheel of a luxury car spare no expense. The very best interior design, horsepower, handling and even vehicle maintenance costs - all of these aspects are considered when shopping for a high-class car. 

Some drivers will be able to rest easy with the help of the New York International Auto Show. The organization teamed up with Bridgestone and Autoneum to present the award for the 2015 World Luxury Car. A panel of 75 judges gave their input as part of the process, and the final evaluations led to one big winner for the year: the Mercedes-Benz S Coupe. 

Mercedes-Benz comes out on top
Experts chose the Mercedes-Benz S Coupe thanks to its attention to detail. Designers left no stone unturned when it came to the performance of this vehicle, and that effort certainly paid off in the eyes of the judges. 

"The S-Class Coupe lives up to the claim 'The best or nothing' in every detail and in an exceptionally exclusive fashion: in terms of aesthetics, technology and quality," said Dr. Dieter Zetsche, head of Mercedes-Benz Cars. "A brand ambassador par excellence. And the entire Mercedes team is proud that the World Car of the Year jury takes a similar view." 

This is the second consecutive year the Mercedes-Benz S Coupe won the title of World Luxury Car. That's an impressive feat, as the award is only two years old, having been created as a way of honoring automobiles that are sold in more limited quantities around the world. For the 2015 award, the S Coupe beat out the BMW i8 and the Range Rover Autobiography Black LWB. 

Staying power in the industry
Although this award may only be for the current year, the Mercedes-Benz S Coupe shows no signs of slowing down. Drivers who prioritize luxury will appreciate the sleek appearance of the S-Class, as well as the smooth handling and features that are included. 

"Mercedes-Benz design and technology are forming a marriage that is more happy than ever," the jurors stated. "There is no better car to prove it than this stunningly beautiful derivative of the S-class, available with powerful, turbocharged V-8 and V-12 engines."

The highly touted amenities are all perks that should keep the S-Class near the top of the heap of luxury cars. Regardless of whether owners are concerned about future auto repair or fuel efficiency, they can put their minds at ease knowing they're driving one of the top models on the market. 

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