Mercedes-Benz recalls thousands of vehicles, plus a few more

April 6, 2011 12:00 AM

Mercedes has recalled 137,000 of its M-class SUVs due to problems with the cruise control settings, reports CNN Money.

When drivers step on the brake pedal, the cruise control mode does not stop, which may result in serious collisions at high speeds. According to the reports, the automatic systems are meant to shut off as soon as the driver pushes down hard on one of the pedals to accelerate or slow the vehicle.

"Under some circumstances, particularly if the driver pumps the brakes, the cruise control system can require an excessive amount of brake force before it will shut off," states CNN.

The cruise control setting can reportedly still be turned off by using the appropriate buttons located on the steering wheel.

Mercedes M-class SUVs from 2000-2002 and M-class AMG SUVs from 2000-2004 are the cars affected, according to the news source.

Vehicles can be turned in starting September, but owners are encouraged to call Mercedes-Benz customer service to get more information.

Also in the news were reports that the automaker was recalling some of its 2011 E-class models. states 41 of the wagons and sedans were carrying a bad adhesive in their engine. 

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