Mercedes adds Siri to A-Class

February 29, 2012 12:00 AM

Since the 1980s TV series "Knight Rider," many have dreamed of a talking car. Mercedes-Benz is getting one step closer by announcing that it's new A-Class entry-level vehicle will incorporate the iPhone 4S' digital assistant, Siri.

The popular voice-activated application has earned a loyal fanbase of Apple users, but this is the first time Siri will be used outside of an Apple product, according to PCWorld. Those with the Mercedes-Benz app will be able to integrate their iPhone into the vehicle and speak to Siri to handle just about everything. The system will include improved functionality for Siri, as she'll be able to perform vehicle-related tasks outside of the normal commands on the iPhone.

Mercedes-Benz plans to expand this technology even further by including applications related to Facebook, Twitter, GPS devices and more. The automaker hopes that drivers will essentially be able to enjoy the full functionality of their devices inside the vehicle.

The one thing Siri won't be able to do is fix your car - though she might be able to tell you when you need an oil change. While technology progresses at a rapid pace, drivers still have to stay on top of their auto maintenance.

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