Mazda recalls Tribute SUV

January 31, 2012 12:00 AM

Mazda has announced that it will recall more than 50,000 of its 2001-2002 Tribute SUV models after it was found that the car could potentially leak brake fluid.

The announcement was not entirely unexpected. Mazda and Ford collaborated on their SUVs in 2001 and 2002, and thus the Tribute and Ford Escape from these years are mechanical twins. More than 200,000 Escapes were recalled last month for the same issue.

According to ​Autoblog, the issues stems from the reservoir cap on the master cylinder. Brake fluid can leak out of this critical component, which could in turn potentially lead to other issues. If the leaked fluid comes into contact with an electrical component, it could result in corrosion or potentially even a fire.

Mazda is warning drivers to leave the car outside until they can get the vehicle fixed, but has not specifically said why, although it may simply be to avoid the danger of a fire in the garage.

Drivers can catch any problems with their vehicles before they become a major issue if they keep up with their auto maintenance. Car repairs can turn costly if they're left to linger, which is why regular tune-ups and brake service are so important.

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