Mazda MX-5 is no girly man's roadster

February 18, 2011 12:00 AM

Convertibles are always fun to drive, but sometimes they can get outdated and lose their cool. Thankfully, the Mazda MX-5, formerly called the Miata, hasn't faded out of the limelight, reports MSN Autos.

While the pop-up headlights are missed, the retractable hardtop is a fair swap thanks to its ability to cut noise down inside and opens much quicker than the old cover. With enough space in the trunk for ample luggage, it's the perfect weekend getaway car. "I love this convertible!," states one MSN Auto critic.

Another critic, who acknowledges many people's fear that it looks like a "girls' car," says the car is great because it feels faster than it really is. "On slower-speed roads, it feels as if you're slicing through corners with precision and skill," he states. "I guess that's good for your driving record, and I know it's good for your sense of fun."

The last judge also praised the car, adding that it's the only car in its class (2-seat roadster) to evolve into a vehicle that's used everyday and still fun to drive.

Perhaps the best treat is the $23,000 price tag - not a bad deal for a convertible that's chic and fun.

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