Mazda is named the most fuel-efficient brand

December 16, 2013 12:00 AM

Fuel economy plays a significant role when shoppers are deciding to purchase a new car, and focusing on brands with a reputation for excellent mileage is a common practice for many. Although qualities like vehicle maintenance, auto repair costs and safety features are also incredibly important, the prospect of saving money at the pump is often too good for many drivers to pass up. 

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency recently released its annual "Light Duty Fuel Economy Trends" report, and research showed that Mazda was the top manufacturer with regard to average fuel economy. With an average of 27.1 mpg across its fleet, Mazda was far and away the best automaker for mileage. It also posted a significant increase from the year before, raising its average by 2.1 mpg from 2011. 

"While other manufacturers have turned their attention to hybrids and electric cars, we chose to focus on perfecting the base technology used in more than 90 percent of the cars and SUVs sold today: the internal combustion engine," said Jim O'Sullivan, president of Mazda North American Operations. "... Mazda has been able to achieve class-leading fuel economy in nearly every segment it competes in, and bring that technology - at an affordable price - to every customer." 

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