Mazda discontinues CX-7

March 13, 2012 12:00 AM

Mazda has announced that it will not be making any more of its CX-7 SUV, replacing it with the smaller and more fuel-efficient CX-5.

The 2012 model year CX-7s will be the last ones off the assembly line, as the automaker is moving in a different direction, according to The smaller and sleeker CX-5 crossover actually offers more passenger room than the CX-7, along with better fuel economy.

The CX-7 struggled mightily when it came to sales, managing just 35,000 vehicles sold during 2011. For comparison's sake, the competing Honda CR-V sold 218,000 models in the same time period.

Many considered the CX-7 to be trapped between two segments: it was bigger than many compact crossovers, but still a great deal smaller than the true SUVs from other automakers. The CX-5 is a more traditional crossover in terms of size.

With no more CX-7s being made, the only versions that will survive are those that are currently on the road. Owners of the CX-7 who are fans of the vehicle should be sure to keep up with their auto maintenance in order to preserve the lifespan of the model as long as possible.

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