'Matrix' character returns for Super Bowl Kia commercial

January 20, 2014 12:00 AM

It has been almost 15 years since the tremendously popular film "The Matrix" first debuted in theaters, but one of the film's most iconic characters will be making a return to the small screen in the coming months. Laurence Fishburne will be reviving his character Morpheus for a Kia commercial that will air during the Super Bowl Feb. 2.  

The plot line of the ad will be strikingly similar to "The Matrix." According to Ad Week, Morpheus will appear to a couple at a valet stand, offering them a choice between a red key and a blue one - a callback to the famous choice the main character in the movie makes between a red and blue pill. The couple is then whisked away for a ride on the 2014 Kia K900, which winds up being the real star of the ad. 

This 60-second commercial will be just one of many auto ads airing as part of this year's Super Bowl, but Kia is hoping to stand out like it has in the past. With the success of its previous ads, such as the "Space Babies"commercial from last year, Kia looks to continue its reign as one of the top performers at the big game. 

If it becomes a successful viral ad, that can only mean good things for the K900. As Kia's first luxury vehicle, it aims to combine value and easy vehicle maintenance, which the brand is known for, with top-notch features. 

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