Many drivers would consider car-sharing services to save money

March 7, 2013 12:00 AM

With car ownership costing some drivers an arm and a leg, many people are looking for alternate methods of transportation. A short-term car-sharing service like Zipcar, which provides the flexibility and convenience that these drivers are looking for, and also an affordable way to get around that many people are considering. 

According to a survey from, about one-third of adults said they would consider using a car-sharing service to save money on gas, vehicle maintenance and other costs. Another one-quarter of people would use it for when family or guests visit or to avoid public transportation. 

"Regardless of their car situation, many people are realizing the wide variety of benefits to short-term car-sharing/rental services," said Jackie Warrick, an advisor at "Not only do these services offer an inexpensive option for anyone to get around, they make life easier and have a positive environmental effect." 

Companies like Zipcar allow drivers to temporarily rent cars with just the swipe of a credit card. They don't have to worry about piling insurance costs, auto repair or scheduled maintenance, as they only use the rides to get them from one place to another. 

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