Many drivers still use written directions

November 25, 2013 12:00 AM

It may seem like everyone has a GPS device or a smartphone with navigation capabilities, but a significant number of drivers are still using written directions to get from place to place. According to a recent survey from Mintel, about 31 percent of drivers still print out or write down directions when they are heading somewhere new. That is more than the 25 percent of motorists who use their cellphone to access directions. 

Many are trying to stay away from distracted driving, which is why they turn to alternative sources of information like written directions. That is part of the reason more than one-third of drivers, approximately 36 percent, are interested in steering wheel-mounted controls, but there are some drivers who may not be familiar with the latest in-vehicle technologies. 

"Those who haven't shopped for a new car in the past five years may be surprised to find out that a technological coup has taken place on the vehicle dash," said Colin Bird, automotive analyst at Mintel. "... These advances come at the right time, as drivers are looking for ways to reduce the distracting nature of the mobile phone while still having the convenience of mobile devices on hand." 

Being able to focus on the road thanks to in-vehicle technologies could help drivers avoid car repair or collisions. However, having more advances electronics also increases the need to invest in regular vehicle maintenance to ensure everything is operating as it should. 

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