Man says NYPD took his car for joyride

September 10, 2012 12:00 AM

A $50 moving violation turned into a lot more for one New York resident.

According to the New York Post, the {a} 25-year-old man, Rashad Lewis, claims that he was taken into custody after allegedly running two red lights. The car - a $50,000 Mercedes convertible - was also seized by police. While Lewis remained behind bars and the Mercedes was in the hands of the NYPD, security cameras spotted his car running another red light in downtown Manhattan.

When Lewis posted bail and was released, he found his Mercedes in need of some dire car repair.

"My back window was broken, my driver’s-side door was keyed, and my bumper was scratched up," Lewis told the Post. "They were driving my car with the windows down and having a ball joy riding my vehicle."

Days later, he received a ticket in the mail with a picture from the stoplight camera, which led him to believe that the NYPD was responsible. Police maintain that Lewis had no complaints when he picked up his vehicle after posting bail. Unless some more evidence surfaces, the case of the stolen car will probably remain unsolved. 

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