Man celebrates reaching 1 million miles on Honda by driving cross country

May 3, 2013 12:00 AM

In proving what regular car maintenance and spot checks can accomplish, one man from Maine plans to drive his 1990 Honda Accord cross country to celebrate reaching more than 1 million miles on the odometer, according to AOL Auto.

Joe LoCicero and his wife, Sharon, plan to take the car on the journey to commemorate the milestone and take in all the sights to see across the country. According to the news provider,only a few cars in the U.S. have reached this mile mark. LoCicero told the source he hopes to visit multiple Honda dealerships along the way.

"That's my plan," he said. "I'm still working out the details, but the idea is that my car and most of the products that got me to a million miles are made in America. ... We're just going to tour America, and show what good maintenance and care can do. I'm an American through and through, and want to do my part."

According to ABC News, LoCicero bought the car when it had 74,000 miles on it in 1990. He drives it roughly 55,000 miles per year, which is how he was able to rack up the milestone mileage.

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