Man buys his father's VW Bug on eBay

December 15, 2011 12:00 AM

A red 1963 Volkswagen Bug was recently listed for sale on internet auction site eBay, and the person who bought the car already had the key. Jim, the son of the original owner, came across pictures of the vintage car, which included an image of the original registration, according to AutoBlog. He recognized both the license plate and his father's signature and made arrangements to purchase the car.

The seller wrote into to tell the amazing story, and he explained that Jim was with his father the day they drove the Bug home, brand new, from the dealership in January 1962. It was the very car in which Jim learned how to drive, and he plans to teach his own 15-year-old son the ropes in the same vehicle.

The man who sold the car revealed himself to be a restoration hobbyist, so it's no surprise that Jim was able to drive the car home without problem, but since it is an old car, he'll probably need to perform some routine auto maintenance and check the tires before he lets his son climb into the driver's seat.

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