Man buys Babe Ruth's car

October 18, 2012 12:00 AM

Collectors have salivated over autographs and relics relating to baseball great Babe Ruth, but one lucky Texas resident landed a one-of-a-kind item at a private sale.

Ruth's 1948 Lincoln Continental hardtop coupe was presented by Ford as a token of appreciation for the athlete's commitment to Little League and the sport of baseball in general. The "Sultan of Swat" managed to put 81,000 miles on the two-door vehicle, which may not seem like much today, but was an astronomical amount decades ago.

Years of auto repair and vehicle maintenance have kept the car is good driving condition, and it has been featured at many car shows around the country. Yahoo! Sports reports that the original interior and car color are still present, along with a large steering wheel and a classic radio that takes 15 minutes to warm up.

"The first time I saw the car I fell in love with it," Lonnie Shelton, the car's new owner, told the Associated Press. "I bet I stayed there two hours looking at it, sitting in it, asking questions about it. There are several 1948 Lincoln Continentals out there, but none like this one."

The selling price of the vehicle was not disclosed, but car enthusiasts estimate that the price was quite high. The 1948 Continental frequently draws prices above $60,000, so the cost for one owned by the greatest baseball player of all time was undoubtedly more. 

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