Majority of drivers support federal funding for roads

April 25, 2013 12:00 AM

Drivers these days are doing everything they can to stretch the lives of their cars and keep the need for auto repair down. However, there's not much motorists can do about the state of the roads, which can often lead to extra vehicle maintenance and damage, which is why drivers want the government to step up and take care of the streets. 

According to a new survey from AAA, about 62 percent of motorists think the federal government should invest more money into fixing roads. An additional 68 percent believe the powers that be should try to reduce congestion as well, as traffic jams and accidents cost drivers' time and money. 

"Most Americans recognize the need for increased transportation funding because they drive over potholes and bumpy roads every day," said AAA president Robert L. Darbelnet. "Unfortunately, the main concerns voiced by motorists about transportation and driving differ markedly from the points generally expressed by policymakers to promote funding legislation." 

Improving the roads would be just one step toward making transportation easier for all. It would make driving safer for everyone involved and reduce the amount of car repair needed for damages caused by poor conditions, which could have a significant impact on motorists across the U.S. 

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