Maintenance shops seeing more work as drivers hang onto their cars

September 16, 2011 12:00 AM

With economic conditions still tight, many drivers are opting to get maintenance work done on their vehicles rather than purchase new ones, according to the Los Angeles Times.

Repair shops have actually seen an increase in the number of drivers taking their cars into the shop, as more are holding onto their vehicles for longer. Rather than simply trade their car in and spend money on a new one, these drivers are paying for repairs and running diagnostics on their current vehicles.

"We are busier than a son of a gun, and it's stressful as all hell," said Bob Little, owner of Ed Little Auto Service, which bears his father's name. "The past three years have been the best three years ever. The economy has not hurt me at all - at all. It has helped. People aren't buying new cars. They'll put a couple thousand dollars into a car before they buy a new one."

Little isn't just giving a piece of anecdotal evidence. Despite the recession causing nearly every industry to fall on hard times, auto parts suppliers reported a 10.5 percent increase in sales last year compared to 2007, before the downturn.

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