Luxury features that may soon become commonplace

March 2, 2012 12:00 AM

Some of the features that come standard on all vehicles today were once only found on luxury cars. AAA recently identified some of the technological advances featured on luxury cars that are quickly making their way down to other vehicles.

"Technologies like anti-lock braking and stability control were once seen as pioneering innovations and are now required or standard features," said John Nielsen, AAA's director of engineering and car repair. "Looking to the future, we hope the cost for these technologies continues to come down, allowing more drivers to enjoy the safety, economy and performance they provide."

For example, parallel parking assist and backup cameras were only found on high-end models just a few years ago. However, they've since become optional features on moderately-priced vehicles, and backup cameras are even considered standard on some minivans and SUVs.

Stop-start technology is another feature that may soon becoming to more affordable models. This technology shuts off a vehicle's engine when it comes to a full stop, then instantly starts it again when a driver presses the gas. Although already found on select luxury models, the fuel efficiency gains mean it will likely be standard soon enough as more automakers look to improve their MPGs.

Whether drivers have a luxury car or a budget vehicle, it's important that they keep up with their auto maintenance to ensure that their vehicle is in top condition.

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