Lookout Mountain Parkway offers fantastic sights

July 20, 2011 12:00 AM

Chosen as one of Readers Digest's Most Scenic Drives in America, the 120-mile Lookout Mountain Parkway stretches across Tennessee, Georgia and Alabama, offering drivers some truly fantastic sights along the way.

The highway is nestled around the massive Lookout Mountain, and there are plenty of parks and nature reserves here for the outdoorsy types. A fine example is Cloudland Canyon State Park, which is located just off of the road. This park spans nearly 3,500 acres, and there's plenty of things to see and do. However, one of the very best views in the entire park is easily accessible without even having to hike - picnic tables look out over a magnificent valley.

Cloudland Canyon is located in Georgia, but once drivers get to Alabama, they should check out DeSoto State Park, which is also located close to the famous road. This park is named after the Spanish explorer Hernan DeSoto, who was one of the first to explore the American mainland. Of particular note is the spectacular DeSoto Falls, which rise up 120 feet.

Northern Georgia and Southern Tennessee are typically glossed over when it comes to vacation destinations, but if you take the time to visit the Lookout Mountain region, you'll be able to enjoy this well-kept secret. 

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