"Long May You Run" is an ode to vintage cars

July 12, 2011 12:00 AM

Many singers write about cars, but sometimes it's not readily apparent that's what they're referencing in the song. That's definitely the case with Neil Young's "Long May You Run" - which is actually about a car, not a person.

This wistful tune features lyrics like "Long may you run/long may you run/although these changes/have come/with your chrome heart shining/in the sun/long may you run." Up until you get to the "chrome hearts" part, it could be any other song about a break-up. Other car references in the song include "trunk full of memories" and "we missed that shift." For those who don't process every lyric, it's easy to miss.

Fans of Neil Young know that the singer-songwriter is a huge fan of vintage cars, so the song must have been written as an ode to one of his favorite rides. Of course, that doesn't stop fans from assigning their own meaning to the tune. While many have undoubtedly used it to say goodbye to a friend or lover, the part about the "chrome hearts" lets everyone know that it's really about an old car.

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