London skyscraper caught melting cars

September 4, 2013 12:00 AM

Drivers are used to dealing with the well-known dangers found on the roads. However, drivers in London recently had to face a new kind of harm: sunlight. A new skyscraper being constructed in the city, which has been dubbed the "Walkie-Talkie" due to its curved shape, has been reflecting sunlight onto the street below, causing temperatures to rise and cars to melt. 

One citizen learned this the hard way. According to BBC News, Martin Lindsay parked his Jaguar on the street near the developing building, and when he returned two hours later, parts of the mirror and side were melted. While the building owners paid for the subsequent auto repair, issues surrounding the reflecting lights are just beginning. 

"I'm flabbergasted," Dr. Philip Oldfield, an expert in tall buildings, told City A.M. "At street level it's unprecedented. The scary thing is that the light won't always be on that part of the street. The sun angle will change through the next weeks and months - and in the winter the localized hotspot will have moved substantially." 

Developers are working on a solution that will prevent individuals or vehicle from being harmed in the future. In the meantime, drivers should pay attention to where they park.

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