Scheduled Auto Maintenance in Parkland, WA

Precision Tune Auto Care in Parkland, WA, provides scheduled auto maintenance.

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We at Precision Tune Auto Care in Parkland, WA, want you to ensure your vehicle is secure on the road. Our scheduled auto services are performed by mechanics who are knowledgeable about what is happening under the hood of your car. They know how to keep it in top shape and keep you safe on the roads of our city of Parkland.

What Kinds of Services Fall Under Scheduled Auto Maintenance?

Precision Tune Auto Care's skilled specialists are ready to evaluate your car, find any current problems, and anticipate any future ones.

While the services for car inspections at each site differ, our knowledgeable specialists may look at the following:

  • Check the battery and any connected components
  • Hoses and belts
  • Engine and cabin filters
  • Fluid levels
  • Lights inside and outside the car
  • Windshield wiper blades
  • Tire pressure, tread depth, and wear and tear
  • And more

Should You Have Your Car Inspected?

In addition to the suggested maintenance plan listed in your car manual, there are many more indications that bringing your vehicle into our auto shop is a good idea. Your vehicle may benefit from an inspection if:

  • Starting the car or accelerating has proven problematic recently
  • The dashboard's lights are on
  • Your vehicle is leaking fluid
  • Unusual noises have started

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Precision Tune Auto Care's professionals are committed to providing you with the finest possible auto maintenance experience. In Parkland, WA, our crew has your back and is ready to give you the best possible automobile service. Call us right away at (253) 531-5881 to arrange for maintenance. We are eager to assist you!