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Precision Tune Auto Care of Bearden has you covered

Don’t ignore the signs of car malfunction. The sooner we can fix your new or used cars, the faster you can return to your life in the Bearden area. 

  • Don’t ignore dashboard warning lights. Today’s vehicles seem to have as many computer features as auto parts. If you have our team respond to the service lights immediately it will be easy and affordable. Disregarding them only makes things more costly in the long run.

  • Remember to schedule regular car maintenance. We can handle maintenance for all makes and models per your manufacturer’s schedule and warranty.

  • Openly discuss with our professional technicians how you can save more on labor and parts.

  • Understand your owner’s manual. It will take a little time to read, but it will offer you many tips about keeping maintenance affordable.

  • Visit our website for Precision Tune Auto Care of Bearden for regular money-saving coupons to save you on auto maintenance.

Save Big with Our Coupons

Our coupons for car maintenance save you money on car maintenance necessities like: 

  • Oil changing services
  • Flush services
  • Shocks and struts
  • Starter service and replacement
  • Alignment work
  • Brake repair and replacement

It’s Easy to Save Money at Precision Tune Auto Care of Bearden

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