"Lemon" dispute leads to dealership destruction

July 22, 2011 12:00 AM

A Massachusetts driver is in custody after he allegedly drove to a dealership lot where he had previously purchased a "lemon" car and smashed up several vehicles, reports ABC News.

According to the news source, 42-year-old David Cross of Salisbury, Massachusetts, and his wife purchased a used van from a dealership in New Hampshire. The dealer says that the van was sold "as is," meaning that the documents acknowledged the car had problems. In fact, Cross' wife signed an "unsafe motor vehicle form," which explains the dealership cannot be held responsible.

Still, Cross took the car to a mechanic after the fact and found a number of problems with it. He then decided to take the car back, but the dealer refused to refund his money.

It was then that Cross took matters into his own hand, returning after midnight with his van. He used the car to smash up seven vehicles in total, causing $20,000 worth of damages. He then left the van on the lot, flagged down a police cruiser, and admitted to everything.

Drivers in the market for a vehicle should be wary of any car with a salvage title or being sold "as is." It's also smart to have a mechanic take a look at a vehicle beforehand, which could help avoid incidents such as this.

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