Latest Volkswagen shown off before official debut

September 5, 2012 12:00 AM

September's 2012 Paris Auto Show will play host to the official debut of the Volkswagen Golf, the latest hatchback from the German company. Although that is still a few weeks away, some details about the updated line have been released.

According to the Washington Post, the new model features a new modular platform that increases the total interior volume of the vehicle while decreasing the weight and production cost. The auto air conditioning service is also lighter, as are the seats and body shell.

Motor Authority reports that this model will also place an emphasis on environmental cleanliness. The carmaker is already conducting tests for an electric Golf, and the engineering platform that the car runs on has the ability to be customized to run on alternative fuels.

For now, Volkswagen is keeping the Golf under wraps. A few official images and some secret video will have to tide over fans until the big reveal at the Paris Auto Show. Based on what we know the exterior of the Golf will be consistent with the current look and feel of Volkswagens, but additional features and extras on the inside will create a more comfortable driving experience. 

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