Latest car shopping trends show drivers are engaged in the process

June 14, 2013 12:00 AM

Purchasing a new car is a considerable investment. It's also not something prospective drivers take lightly, leading to many becoming heavily involved in the shopping process, a new report from found. 

According to the study, about two-thirds of buyers consider themselves "highly engaged" in the process of searching for a new car, regularly looking up reviews, photos and pricing information. Additionally, many luxury car owners are looking toward non-luxury options thanks to an increase in the quality of these standard vehicles. 

It seems as if other drivers are happy with their chosen auto brand. About 44 percent of people who traded in models last year applied the value to the purchase of a new car from the same automaker. 

Despite the large investment motorists are making into new cars - about $30,803, on average - they only spend about $2,200 on optional equipment for their purchases. Some drivers may be hesitant about going overboard on the special editions, but there are always opportunities to upgrade a vehicle after purchase. Taking a car to an auto repair franchise for updates and vehicle maintenance is an easy way to keep it running in top shape ever after use. 

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