Large Ford collection to hit the auction block

June 8, 2012 12:00 AM

A former Ford Motor Company executive is selling his extensive collection of classic Fords at an auction in Hampton, New Hampshire, according to SeacoastOnline.

Michael Dingman served on the board of directors for Ford for more than 21 years, and amassed quite a collection of vehicles during that time. Most of the cars were purchased privately, but one particular vehicle, a 2005 Ford GT with a chassis number of 2, was given to the executive for his service. Now, Dingman plans to sell his entire collection to the highest bidder.

The GT is expected to fetch the most money, valued at over $325,000 because of the extremely rare chassis number. Other models in Dingman's collection include a 1936 Ford Custom Cabriolet worth at least $225,000 and a 947 Ford Super Deluxe Sportsman Convertible that should draw bids over $240,000.

"It attracts really serious collectors from all around the world," Alain Squindo of RM Auctions told the news source. "We'll have a packed house."

Those who want to see their current vehicle one day reach "classic" status will have to invest in auto maintenance to keep their car in working order. Regular cooling system service and car tune ups can help keep cars in pristine condition.

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