Lambert sports a Mustang GT in Hollywood

February 3, 2011 12:00 AM

Celebrated musician Adam Lambert, who gained fame from using his pipes on "American Idol," was spotted rolling around in a black Ford Mustang GT after a day of shopping on Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles, reports Just Jared.

The 2011 Ford GT was one of Car and Driver's picks for the best ten cars of 2011 thanks to its "blend of performance and value, serving up brutal muscle, daily usability, and the agility of an honest-to-Edsel sports coupe at an eminently fair $30,495," according to the magazine.

Celebrity Car Blogs says that the car was his prize for American Idol, but he didn't win, so it's possible the news site was jesting. That, or the FOX show gives away the best runner-up presents ever.

The GT comes with a V-6 or V-8 engine, the latter being much more stable at high speeds, but either way the drive is superior to any Ford ever made, according to Car and Driver.

There's only one fault, really, and that's the interior. But who cares whats inside when everyone on the outside thinks you're driving one of the coolest cars around.

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