Labor Day traffic will be worst in New York

August 28, 2012 12:00 AM

Those seeking one more trip this long weekend before settling into the more structured autumn schedule should plan ahead for high congestion in key areas. The leading provider of traffic information, INRIX, predicts through in-depth analyses of recent traffic patterns that New York City will be the most congested city this weekend, followed by Bridgeport, Connecticut, in the third spot, making east coast travel a challenge.

"Between Bridgeport being a 'gateway' between New England and the Mid-Atlantic, and recent trends and increases in consumer spending indicating that travelers will not fear gas prices, we're predicting major delays as travelers leave town for Labor Day," Jim Bak, INRIX director of Community Relations, stated.

For those who will be traveling in or around the New York City/Bridgeport areas, here are some insights that will aid trip planning INRIX offers some insights to keep in mind. The source suggests traffic will start building around lunchtime on Friday, August 31 and will continue to build until peak rush between 4 and 5 pm. Traffic in Bridgeport will get heavy after that time and congestion will continue through at least 7 pm. INRIX warns that anyone traveling between New York and Bridgeport should plan on leaving after 8 pm or wait until Saturday morning.

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