Knowing when your car is about to overheat

March 25, 2011 12:00 AM

When cars overheat, a variety of major problems can arise - your radiator can explode and the engine could catch fire, among other potentially dangerous situations.

Knowing what causes overheating is essential to understanding how to solve the problem. Thankfully, Yahoo! Autos have come up with a list of the most common reasons to help drivers keep an eye out for hazard signs.

If the fan motor thermometer or sensor is broken, it won't recognize when it's needed, resulting in a lack of air to keep the engine cool.

A leak in the radiator or anything that contains coolant is a serious problem - the liquid is what essentially keeps the engine from overheating (hence the name).

"No engine can tolerate the loss of coolant for very long, so it usually overheats as soon as a leak develops," states the auto experts. "A visual inspection of the cooling system and engine will usually reveal where the coolant is going."

Once drivers know where the leak is coming from, they can either replace the hose or use a sealer.

Other problematic situations include bad water pumps, exhaust restrictions and a stuck thermostat.  

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